Friday, February 19, 2010

Lent and the loss of Wonder...

For the season of lent this year, I am going to attempt to journal every day. I tried this last year at it really helped remind me the need to take time to just BE. The goal of taking on or fasting from something during lent is to grow in love of God and grow in love of others. I will be posting some of these journal entries here.
Here is yesterday’s journal entry:

I was leaving a friend’s house tonight, and I looked up at the sky and the stars were breath taking and I heard something move in the yard. As I looked for a squirrel, but found eight deer!!

It was so cool! So I called my friends on the phone, and told them and they were not impressed. They were like "We've seen the deer before."
How can you get to a point where you are no longer in awe and wonder?
I feel like a lot of times we no longer sit in awe of creation. It makes me sad. I think we need to capture wonder back. Maybe I will journal about this during lent? My search for wonder...


Ed said...

Chris, keep in awe of seeing deer. We often become jaded, don't let that happen.